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Welcome to N.E. Empty Welcome to N.E.

Post  Miles Vorkosigan on Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:17 pm

N.E. is an active alliance of both fleeters and miners, and full of members who know how to have fun!!
We run an active forum and group Skype chat. We do stress forum and Skype chat use, it helps us stay in touch with our fellow members and remain strong as an alliance.

To apply, please fill out the following form as a reply on this thread and kindly allow 2 days for processing - this lets existing N.E. members take a look at a new applicant and comment if they want to. Thank you!!

Before applying, please note that our constitution does not allow having more than 20 members. Please check ingame if applications are possible before posting here. If in doubt, PM me.

If you cannot be or if you do not wish to be an active player, N.E. is not an alliance for you.

If you are not ranked within top 200, please contact me or any other leader ingame before posting here. You will be given one or more task(s) that you'll need to complete before applying here.

If nothing above scares you, please apply. N.E. is a great alliance to be in!  Cool

Miles Vorkosigan

Application form:

1.) What is your current ingame name and in which universe would you like to join NE?

2.) How long have you played Ogame for, and in what other Unis (if applicable)?

3.) If you have any previous hits to your name (ogame-wide), show us one of your best ones!

4.) What style do you play? Miner, fleeter, etc.

5.) If you know any current NE members in any way (war, trade, ACS support, etc), please let us know!

6.) What previous alliances have you been in here in Pegasus, if applicable?

7.) What do you expect from this alliance?

8.) How is your presence going to make the alliance stronger?

9.) How much are you online?

10.) Lastly, what is the pride and joy of your account? Everyone excels at something, what is the one thing you take pride in for your rank level?
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